Social Media and Language Learning

To find out the preference of social media devices for language learning. Please take part in the poll below, and leave additional comments if you want.


Start using Wechat!


Wechat has been the most popular social app in China recently. Its function is basically like messenger but I believe you will find more interesting things! You will find more Chinese friends and it is a good way to learn Chinese language as well! Following this interesting video and let us explore wechat together!

Greetings from Wenxin

Hi Everyone!

I am Wenxin Zhang from China and I am writing to tell you that now I start using my blog 🙂 You can also call me Vivian, which might be easier to remember. I am quite interested in online education, especially using social media. I hope that we can get on well throughout the courses and I am really looking forward to your comments!